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Kitchen Design

Leko Residential Architects specialises in both colonial european style character kitchens as well as modern kitchens ultilising clean lines with exquisite form and function. We can recommend a range of contemporary innovations to help create greater space and character to your kitchen design.

Important things to consider:

At Leko residential architects we stress the importance of being realistic about how long it might take for your kitchen to be designed, manufactured and installed. The use of different materials can affect how long it takes to manufacture your kitchen. It’s also important that you have a budget range in mind when we begin designing your kitchen. We believe in giving you a well-designed, functional, attractive kitchen that you love and that fits within your budget. Consider what you like or dislike about your current kitchen. What works for you and what would you like to change? Often just knowing what you do not like will get you a long way towards designing the kitchen that you love.

Bench tops.

There are many different bench top options available in a wide range of prices and finishes. Laminate tops are popular. They are the least expensive option and available in an extensive range of colours. A granite bench top makes a definite statement in your kitchen. The range of granites available varies tremendously, in colour & pattern. You will be surprised how affordable some types of granite can be. Solid timber tops are also a great statement, giving an overall warmer feel. Stainless steel is very practical, but not to everyone’s taste. All the bench options have their strengths
and limitations. We will advise what we consider best for your particular need.


The three main materials used for doors are melamine, vinyl and lacquer (paint finish). Melamine, whilst the less
expensive option, does not allow for any profile in your door. It is however very durable. Lacquer doors by contrast can be stunningly finished in any colour, can be profiled, but does not have the same durability. Vinyl doors can be a good compromise option.

Tiles and splash backs.

Where you have a cook-top you will be required to install some form of heat-resistant protection to the adjacent wall. A glass splash-back can infuse a shot of colour into both traditional and contemporary designs. They are available in a huge range of colours and sizes and can be templated to fit any gap perfectly. Tiles offer a classic look, and are also available in a tremendous range of colours and finishes.


It is a good idea to consider other users in the design of your kitchen. Although it is your kitchen there may be other people such as family members or friends who also need to use it. Think about the accessibility of your cupboards, the height of your bench top, the style of handle you choose. Accessories such as pull-outs could increase the accessibility and functionality of your new kitchen.

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