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Leko Residential Architects are a ‘Refresh Renovations’ partner. Our architectural and construction services are suited to both ‘Renovations’ and new ‘Design and Build’ projects. ‘Design and Build’ is a term used in the building industry that refers to an ‘integrated design’ and ‘construction process’. This process is ideal, as we all need to consider the build cost implications as we develop the architectural designs. When translating our ideas into an architectural concept, we need to ensure that the designs not only fit with your vision of the perfect house, but also fit within the budget constraints of the project. Line drawings can be hard to visualise so we provide 3D visual renders, known as concept plans, which help you to see exactly what you are going to get before making this investment decision.

Stage 1: Briefing

The first step in the process is for us to understand exactly what you want to achieve in your home and why you’re considering a ‘Design and Build’. We have a thorough and professional briefing process that we take all of our clients through. Our approach is to listen carefully to your requirements, and to ask questions to ensure we understand exactly what you are looking for, what is important to you and why these things are important to you.

As a design and build renovation specialist, our role is to work with you to design and deliver the best home that you can achieve for the money you wish to spend. In the design and build process, your budget is just as important as your desired outcome. Therefore it is crucial early on for a clear ‘base budget’ to be established. Your budget may change during the design process as you make decisions on what you like and don’t like and can and can’t do without, but it provides an important starting point.

It’s best if both heads of household are involved in the briefing stage as often each person has differing considerations and concerns, and these need to be discussed and agreed upon.

Stage 2: Concept

The next step is to translate your requirements into an architectural concept. Traditional architectural line drawings are hard to visualise so we provide high definition pictorial concepts so you can see exactly what will be built. If it’s not what you imagined, then this becomes the best time to make changes. It’s far more cost effective to get the concept right than to decide to make changes during the construction phase.

During this stage, estimates based on average costs will be provided, and you will be making the decisions on what is affordable and what is not within your budget.

Stage 3: Working Drawings

Working drawings are then developed based on the concept plans, and many budget decisions will already have been made. However for a detailed quote to be produced there are a couple more steps required. First, detailed drawings will have to be produced and other specifications such as engineering calculations completed. Second, the project will need to be tendered out to a wide range of sub-trades to get firm cost-effective prices. This is a very collaborative stage. We will bring together a team of experts to cost up the exact work that is to be undertaken. An accurate price can now be produced. Occasionally, this may be slightly different from the original estimate which was based on average cost principles. Any differences will usually be due to product choices made by home owners, and any structural or engineering issues that might have been identified during this stage.

If required, the cost can be refined or brought down by making modifications to the design. By the end of this stage you can be confident that you have the best design and best price for your ‘design and build’.

Stage 4: Quote

A detailed quote can now be produced based on the specifications of your project. It will take account of the engineering, structural, design and aesthetic decisions you have made. It will also be based on price negotiations and quotes from tradespeople who have been briefed on your ‘design and build’. You also need to be aware that structural issues can be uncovered unexpectedly during the course of the work. The quote will explain how these will be dealt with and costed for your renovation.

Aside from any unknown issues, because of the previous detailed planning, your quote will be an accurate cost for the work to be carried out. Because we as a ‘Refresh’ partner have the best buying power, labour rates and building process efficiency, our quote will be very competitive based on the work required and the quality of finish expected.

During this process, we take responsibility for obtaining all required building and resource consents. This can be a very complicated process, so it is important in terms of time and cost management that this process is handled by experts.

Stage 5: Build

As your project managers we will brief the tradespeople on the project and schedule and manage their activity. ‘Design and Builds’ are a complicated process and trades need to be constantly re-scheduled during the process. As a ‘Refresh’ partner we have a team and network of tradespeople so we can ensure the project is not held up because the plumber doesn’t turn up or it rains and the painters can’t work that day.

It is very important that each trade has completed their work to the right standard. We will ensure this has happened at each stage to make sure there are no quality issues or disputes at the end of the project.

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